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- Recent version: 3.0 [Build 055]
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- Release date: March 28, 2007
- Build compiled: October 6, 2018
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Testimonial by James Stawn:

Never met anything the same convenient and powerful as Elite Anti Keylogger! These guys were able to crack so many known keyloggers and detect the way they function, so that now I feel totally protected.

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Remove Key Loggers
Why Anti Keylogger is better than anti virus?

Are you sure running an anti-virus is enough to feel protected and secure? Do you suppose your anti-spyware cleaner is able to find all worms and trojans in your PC? Never thought of trying Anti Keylogger for additional protection as you never presumed it could be needed? Well... it's time to do this!

#1 Know what a keylogger is!
A keylogger is a form of special software designed to monitor users activities, like keystrokes, clipboard contents, web-activity, e-mailing, chatting, surfing, even all you do when you work with your PC. Keyloggers usually hiddenly take screenshots of what you do and may secretly e-mail them to your competitor's mailbox, or upload these logs to someone's FTP server. Some of keyloggers may be remotely deployable, and may get into your PC with e-mails, photos, suspicious executables, software installers, etc. Lately, hackers have advanced the delivery of noncommercial, custom-built malicious keyloggers and malware. Many users infect their PCs by simply visiting sites where malicious code is automatically deposited onto their system without their knowledge or acceptance.

#2 Keylogger is more dangerous than a virus
Is it really? We say, yes! And you should know this... Imagine that you lose information and documents stored on your hard drive after a system crash. You can no longer login, and cannot recover your data. Still it doesn't lead to any disasterous circumstances, most often. Unlike the situation when this information get to your competitors or simply to other people. Imagine that a keylogger may remotely steal your credit card details, bank account information, PayPal login, Ebay username and most of your online passwords, and you won't know about this. Keylogger may be a great break into your privacy, and your private life may easily become public and not only for your friends. Keylogger is a threat like no others!

Elite Anti Keylogger is the ultimate solution:

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#3 Don't be afraid to lose your data...
Even if you manage to recover your data, which might possible depending on a series of points (your file system, defragmentation, etc), it's much more difficult to recover your business profile, financial reputation and lost connections with others when your private information becomes public all of a sudden, due to some hacker having installed a keylogger into your system. You can always clean a virus, delete tracking cookies, remove spyware installed in your system without your permission, however, keylogger is a completely different approach. Keyloggers are designed with stealthiness and security violations in mind. While some ofthem may be primitive and very simple to handle, there are plenty of quite advanced ones, bypassing many levels of protection, as they are designed to!

#4 Can anti-viruses protect from keyloggers?
Well, yes and no! Basically there are two classes of keyloggers, keyboard monitoring tools and network monitors which can be a real challenge to find and disarm: hook (application-level) and driver (low-core) keyloggers. While it is not that difficult to locate and report the first type of keyloggers it might be almost impossible to track and disable driver-based ones. Only really advanced and profound anti keyloggers can handle, detect and remove keyloggers of the second kind.

Elite Anti Keylogger is one of them:

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#5 How can I be positive and protected?
First of all, make sure you are using the latest patches and upgrades for your OS available. Secondly you should have an all-in-one protection suite like Elite Anti Keylogger to be sure that you don't have any malicious software and are ready to remove keyloggers from your PC. Elite Anti Keylogger works on a low kernel level, which is the same one for the most dangerous of keylogger, so it easily detects keyloggers and removes them from your system.

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