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- Recent version: 3.0 [Build 055]
- Full version for only USD 39.95
- Release date: March 28, 2007
- Build compiled: October 6, 2018
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Testimonial by James Stawn:

Never met anything the same convenient and powerful as Elite Anti Keylogger! These guys were able to crack so many known keyloggers and detect the way they function, so that now I feel totally protected.

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Elite Anti Keylogger v3 - better than anti-spyware!

Elite Anti Keylogger by WideStep is a fast and reliable way to keep your PC clean from keyloggers, malware and spyware. With Elite Anti Keylogger you are aware of every potentially dangerous application activity taking place in your system. It is a simple yet very effective way to detect keyloggers and easily remove them.

With Elite Anti Keylogger you are protected and well-informed about presence of any spyware, which is automatically blocked and can no longer spy on you, or track your activities and personal data. Our Anti Keylogger is smarter, more elegant way to organize full protection of your computer hassle-free.

Offering unique keyloggers database with more than 1000 keyloggers in it, Elite Anti Keylogger will do even more than your regular anti-virus or anti-spyware solution can. Just download the free trial and get the truth of every hidden activity.

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Get even more information about spy activity of every application: Elite Anti Keylogger will provide you with extensive details of what exactly happens in your system. It will capture keystrokes recording, as well as clipboard monitoring, hidden screenshots taking, file system activity tracking and more. With intellectual diagnostics and threat prevention algorithms Elite Anti Keylogger helps you make your PC a clean and safe space to work and relax.

Anti Keylogger prohibits even most up-todate and unknown keyloggers: most anti-spyware tools are able to detect only modules matching their signatures database, while Elite Anti Keylogger works on a different level, filtering all potentially dangerous and unallowed applications activities. The number of keyloggers and their modifications doubles every year. Elite Anti Keylogger is an all-in-one right-on-time solution which detects and removes keyloggers even if their files are compiled or encrypted. Thanks to Elite Anti Keylogger you will be notified about any keylogger or worm hiding in your files or processes. Special warning level will let you know how dangerous a certain application or process can be.

No need for manual long-time scanning: you won't have to run manual scans, as Elite Anti Keylogger, unlike other anti virus or anti spyware solutions is a kind of 'opt-out' security solution, meaning you are immediately notified when a scertain program or threaad is trying to spy on you. Most often this will happen when you reboot your PC, some keyloggers can also become active while you surf on the net or launch suspicious files from the Internet. Whenver this takes place Elite Anti Keylogger will immediately warn you about this potential intrusion and will automatically block this activity if it can harm you this or that way.

You have the full control to remove spyware: while some security tools will leave you with regular manual cleanup after scanning, and others will automatically remove important and legal installations of your software erroneously supposing it is a trojan or hoax, Elite Anti Keylogger on the other hand focuses on flexibility. In addition to automatic detection and keyloggers disabling, it will keep collecting details about every intrusion and taken action, so you can decide which extent of freedom should be assigned to every application. You can globally choose which security level to keep (High, Medium, Low or custom), or work with every application activity individually, deciding whether your want to block always, block once, allow always, allow once or completely remove suspicious application.

Want to know more?: easily find out what's acting behind the scenes! Elite Anti Keylogger will provide you with all the needed information to define which application infringes on your privacy. They say that information is the key, in our case it is the very meaning of your personal security and confidence in your tech environment.

Give Elite Anti Keylogger a try and you will stay with it for ever!

Anti Keylogger Free download Download now Buy Anti Keylogger now Buy now

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