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Elite Anti Keylogger v3

Have you ever thought how to detect a keylogger? Why are there so many anti-spyware and anti-virus products on the net, and just a few of quality anti keyloggers? WideStep Software has the answer: it's very difficult to create a truly powerful anti-keylogger which is able to detect every keylogger, reveal and block even low-core driver intrusions!

We managed to do this! Meet Elite Anti Keylogger v3 by WideStep, the first absolutely unbeatable anti keylogger which can detect keyloggers and spyware, locate and remove them, protect your PC from unknown attacks and prevent private data loss. Elite Anti Keylogger is simple in use keylogger remover of utmost power.

Additionally, it will notify you of any illegal or suspicious behavior of your everyday applications you trust, but might not know about your sensitive info monitored by them.
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All types of Keyloggers blocked!

Elite Anti Keylogger detects and
blocks hook keyloggers, driver
keyloggers, rootkits, spy modules
hiddenly integrated in other
processes, remote spy sessions,
custom keystroke recorders, etc...
More than 1000 known keyloggers

Elite Anti Keylogger is an advanced
anti keylogger solution with the
ability to block not only existing
but also new keyloggers that
appear thanks to our unique
keylogger detection mechanism!
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